New Client Guide

Romney Law Offices will review and pursue to best advantage your litigation, business or estate planning matter.

To ensure a smooth working relationship, we recommend that each client do several things, regardless of the nature of the legal matter that requires attention.

First: Disclose all facts known to you. The details make a difference. So – to start – we ask for a chronological outline of events, copies of the documents that affect those events, and the names, addresses, telephone, fax numbers, and e-mail addresses of all people who have knowledge of, or may be affected by, the events set forth in your outline.

For example, in a business dispute we ask for all agreements (regardless of whether written or oral), letters, memos, e-mails, profit and loss statements, and any other thing that documents or even may just tend to document what happened. Please provide all there is. What seems unimportant may, in fact, have a dramatic impact on the choice of the legal path to be followed.

Second: We ask for your full and complete cooperation. You more often than not are the door to the library of events. If you lock us out we can’t get in or, if we do, it may be too late to find what we’re looking for.

Third: Don’t discuss confidential matters we’ve examined together with others. If you do, you may compromise and even may destroy the protective benefit of the attorney-client privilege. In addition, you may give advantage to others by revealing information at the wrong place and the wrong time. And that can result in self-inflicted injury in litigation, in a business deal or in relationships affected by estate planning or estate administration.

Fourth: Our policy is to encourage second opinions. In our view, a lawyer who discourages a second opinion shouldn’t give a first one.