What We Do

Based in Ventura County and Los Angeles County, California, our firm is skilled in jury and court trials, mediation, arbitration,other ALTERNATIVE DISPUTE RESOLUTION (ADR) proceedings and settlement strategies as well as serving as counsel for business and estate planning matters, our areas of specialization include:


Business. Disputes over contracts and the control and operation of partnerships, limited liability companies and closely held (non-public) corporations, including breach of fiduciary duty (by officer, director or controlling shareholder), diversion of corporate opportunities, oppression of minority shareholders (diverting profits, squeezing out minority shareholders, hiding profits, payment of unreasonable compensation to majority shareholders), embezzlement, fraud, liability of consulting professionals, bad faith, unfair insurance practices, and unfair competition including anti-trust and wrongful interference with prospective business advantage.

Construction/Construction Defects. Breach of contract, breach of warranty, negligence, fraud, change orders, mechanics liens, stop notices, and scheduling of labor and materials and construction defects in commercial and homeowner associations.

Employment. Wrongful interference with prospective business advantage, wrongful termination, violation of the Fair Housing and Employment Act (FEHA), defamation and slander.

Homeowner Associations. Enforcement of CC&R's, bylaws and disciplinary rules, elections and the duties and obligations of the Board of Directors, committees and homeowners to each other and to the Association under the Davis-Stirling Act, the Civil Code, the Corporations Code and common law, as well as construction defect litigation (see above).

Real Estate. Contracts, fraud, title, flooding, soil subsidence, insurance, project funding, planning and zoning (including environmental impact reports and conditional use permits), condemnation and inverse condemnation (taking by regulation or negligent or intentional act or failure to comply with formal legal requirements prerequisite for a "taking").

Undue Influence/Elder Abuse. Disputes arising from undue influence where one party takes unfair advantage of another's trusting relationship or knows the other party cannot protect himself or herself due to bad health, lack of mental capacity or other debilitating factors. This often occurs at the end of life or where a person lacks mental capacity or is fast failing due to bad health.

Wills and Trusts. Breach of duty by Trustee or personal representative, contests challenging wills and trusts on grounds of undue influence, incapacity or failure to comport with formalities legally required for execution of a valid testamentary document.

General Business Counsel

Formation of partnerships, closely held (not public) corporations and limited liability companies while taking into consideration business efficiency, legal protection from liability and tax impact (in conjunction with an accountant) to assess how best to operate the business to advantage. Draft and/or negotiate the documents needed to implement and operate the business.

Real Estate

Draft and/or negotiate contracts, leases, purchase/sale agreements, security agreements, indemnifications, settlements, conditional use permits, environmental impact reports, notices of non-compliance with planning and zoning regulations, and compensation regarding eminent domain and inverse condemnation matters.

Trust and Estate Planning

Drafting of wills and trusts to best tax and personal advantage of families and individuals. Provide probate and trust administration.